About Us

You can Group is a boutique focus group recruiting firm with over 10 years of successful recruiting experience. We pride ourselves on quality, flexibility and experience to meet and exceed every client requirement.

At You can Group we aspire to make things simple and affordable for our clients. Our main goal is to help your business succeed by offering you a high-quality recruitment audience that is based off of our nationally gathered opt-in data.

Our core foundations are built upon our experience delivering unrivaled research solutions and the highest level of service quality to our national customer base.

Our national opt-in participant pool is full of millions of willing panelists ready to partake in your research study. With more than 60 data points of information collected on each respondent You can Group can quickly and accurately recruit the right candidates for your study.

If you are recruiting for a Focus Group, nationwide survey, mock jury or any source of opinion feedback, You can Group is the right stop for all your recruiting and survey needs.

Why You Should Choose Us?